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Bite Guards

A bite guard is a device that is placed into your mouth to help with grinding and clenching of the teeth at night and during the day. When you grind your teeth, your jaw is unconsciously moving back and forth with the top and bottom teeth making contact. When you clench your teeth you are placing pressure biting down for a long period of time. This can cause frequent headaches, ear pain and teeth loss. The bite guard is used to provide a comfortable, safe layer between your top and bottom teeth to prevent further damage.


It is always best to get a custom fit for the bite guards to ensure complete coverage. Sometimes bite guards may be too big and start to cause discomfort, difficulty speaking and difficulty breathing. Everyone has a different shape and size of teeth and mouth so ensuring a perfect fit is the best way to go. This custom bite guard can last you up to ten years.  


In order to create a perfect fit of the bite guard, the doctor will take an impression mold of your mouth upon which the guard is created.

Contact us at (919) 479-1300 so we can help protect your teeth from any further damage with a custom bite guard!

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